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New Pool Finishing

Poolside Plastering is proud to be a PebbleTech Builder. That means we offer new pool owners the world’s most trusted pool finishes to bring their new pool to life! PebbleTech designs its aggregate finishes for maximum beauty and durability, combining premium stone with fade-resistant pigments and strengthening agents. Some of their finishes are even enhanced with their patented “Shimmering Sea” blend of abalone and mother-of-pearl shell as well as exquisite glass beads–to provide extra water sparkle.

Using Poolside Plastering to bring your new pool to life comes with benefits:

Make It Your Pool!

When you close your eyes, what does your new pool look like? Let Poolside use your expertise and resources to bring your vision to life and make the pool of your dreams.

Expert Advice

We've done this a "few" times so let us show you what works and what doesn't. We will work with you to help you discover what your pool can become.

Repairs & Renovations

If your pool’s colors are looking faded, there are cracks in the basin, and some tiles have begun to fall off, it might be time to give your pool a new lease on life with a renovation. While it sounds like a massive undertaking, the experts at Poolside Plastering can make it really easy for you and can help you bring the pool of your dreams to life.

Renovating your pool has many benefits that can really enhance your overall experience with the pool and your backyard:

Make it Yours Again!

Just giving the pool a facelift can make the pool something that you fall in love with again. It's also an opportunity to make a pool that came with the home your purchased something that you will really love!

Make Better Use of Your Patio Space

Renovating a pool is an opportunity to rethink the layout of your pool and either enhance the size or shape of the pool to better utilize your patio and backyard space.

Up Your Hosting Game!

Having a beautiful pool with the design aesthetics that you want in it encourages homeowners to host more parties and invite everyone over to see their brand-new pool!

Light Up Your Pool!

Adding light to the pool will allow you to use it at night but can really add can add a cool design aesthetic to your backyard and enhance the overall look of your pool and patio area.


Sometimes your pool doesn’t need a whole renovation and it really just needs to be resurfaced or the tiling needs to be redone. The experts at Poolside Plastering can help homeowners and contractors understand what needs to be done depending on the status and look of the pool.

When it comes to resurfacing, because Poolside works with PebbleTec, we can help you choose from an array of textures for your pool finish, ranging from natural to refined to ultra-smooth. No matter your choice, ALL finishes are comfortable to the touch, and easy on the feet and hands.

Less Expensive than a Remodel.

Traditionally speaking, pool resurfacing costs less than pool renovations because it's only one part of a whole renovation project. If that's all your pool needs, why pay more?

Up your Pool Game!

With PebbleTec finishes, you can bring a new aesthetic to your older pool and design the look of the pool to better fit your backyard design style.

Coping and Tiling

Coping is the tile or stone that lines the edge of the pool. Coping is not only aesthetically pleasing but it has many benefits to better enhance the pool and your use of it. Most coping materials are porous (meaning it absorbs water) so that lessons the time that water sits on top of the edge of the pool. They also can provide a better gripping surface along the edge and will lessen slipping with better traction underfoot.

Beyond the aesthetics of adding decorative stone and tile to your pool, there are other added benefits:

Disguise Scum Rings!

A colored tile or a subtle stone accent will not only distract the eye, but the materials are actually less likely to form a scum ring in the first place.

Can Prevent Pool Shell From Cracking.

With temperature changes and shifting soil, coping can help prevent your concrete pool shell or the concrete surrounding your pool from shifting, cracking, or leaking.

Prevent Burned Feet

Most coping materials like stone and tile do not hold heat like concrete so they will be cooler to touch in the hot afternoon sun.